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Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
English is one of the most important subjects and is one that many students underestimate. After all, in many cases it is a language that is spoken at home and outside of school. English involves written, reading, and oral work and they all come with their challenges. Here at Megamind Learning Centre, our educators will help your child improve on these skills and gain new ones to set them on the correct course for success. A good understanding of English is critical for many workplaces and career paths.
If you are looking for English Tutoring in Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, or Caledon, Megamind Learning Centre is the perfect choice! Whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school, we are confident in our ability to improve their English learning skills as well as learn new ones ahead of their grade levels.
A Unique Approach to English Tutoring
Megamind Learning Centre believes that a systemic approach towards English learning can make a huge difference. We also make sure that all aspects of the subject are taken into consideration so that a holistic learning approach can be adopted.
  • Improved reading fluency - Our English classes help students improve their pronunciation, dictation, and comprehension skills. Even when reading new material, they will easily grasp concepts and retain information.
  • Vocabulary development - Our English educators will ensure that your child gains a well-developed vocabulary in both verbal and written communication. This will help children SHINE in all their subjects and grow academically.
  • Enhanced writing and spellings skills - Since the majority of school subjects are taught in English, students must learn to adapt to the different writing styles specific to each subject. Megamind offers enhanced writing instruction and spelling practice that broadens students’ writing capability. You can trust that there will be improvements in the academic performance of students, not only in English, but all throughout their school career.
Nothing but the Best
All of our classes have a low teacher-to-student ratio. Here at Megamind Learning Centre, we believe that every child should receive adequate attention and time from our educators. Working in a small group comes with many benefits, and—upon request—we can even provide you with a private English tutor for your child where they receive one-on-one attention.
We Go Above and Beyond for Your Child’s Success
Once you register with us, Megamind Learning Centre is devoted to helping your child see tangible results in their academic performance. Even in cases of emergencies, such as an upcoming test, we can provide last-minute test preparation and tutoring.
Our tutors can also help your child improve their study habits, note-taking skills, time management, focus and concentration, and more. We also give feedback to parents after each class to keep them on the same page in terms of their child’s progress.
For outstanding online and in-person tutoring for English, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide free consultation for parents and students!
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