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We have a fun scavenger hunt game ready to GO! at the SF6iX Spring Open House!
  1. *Teddy Bear Room:*
    • Find the biggest teddy bear in the room and give it a hug.
    • Take a selfie with at least three different teddy bears.
    • Find the hidden message written on one of the teddy bears and capture it in your selfie.
  2. *TTC Room:*
    • Strike a pose pretending to wait for the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) with a vintage TTC sign in the background.
    • Take a selfie while ringing the bell of an old TTC streetcar.
    • Find the TTC map and take a selfie while planning your route.
  3. *Bell Payphone Room:*
    • Take a selfie pretending to make a call on one of the payphones.
    • Find a vintage telephone directory and capture it in your selfie.
    • Strike a pose while holding the receiver of the payphone as if you're having an intense conversation.
  4. *Bear Room:*
    • Find the bear-themed mural and take a selfie with it.
    • Strike a pose imitating a bear's roar in front of the bear statue.
    • Take a selfie with a bear-themed prop from the room.
 Participants can complete the scavenger hunt at their own pace, exploring each room and getting creative with their selfies. It's a fun way to engage with the themed rooms and promote the selfie studio on social media!
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